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Debra Fidler

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Debra is a highly experienced intuitive energy healer who for many years worked with one foot in the spiritual world and one in the corporate world. In 2020 after a lot of reflection she made the courageous decision to leave the corporate world and establish a new personal and professional framework to expand her services to others. She is a registered counsellor and crisis support volunteer combining further study in psychology with a private practice.

Jacqui is a registered psychologist with many years’ experience working with refugees on Christmas Island and Manus Island. She has devoted her career to enabling others to reach their potential and navigate life changes.

Together the sisters are Yantree.

Self-Discovery One Day Workshop

Discover the narrative of your own story, identify the meaningful threads to reflect on your journey ahead.

This is a collaborative journey and one where you are enabled and empowered to write a new narrative. This is a narrative of change aligned to your personal values and congruent with your world view.

This workshop is suitable for small groups, within a corporate setting or any workplace setting where change is occurring.

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Retreats within Australia and Bali

Yantree runs transformational retreats in Bali where you will be facilitated to find your passion, embrace your purpose and embody your power.

Yantree can design individualised corporate 3-day to 5-day retreats that promote team synergy, incorporate change elements and enable transformation. The Yantree model of change is based in science and utilises a holistic mind, body and spirit philosophy to enable and empower individuals and groups.

Voice for Change Foundation

The Voice for Change Foundation is a non-profit organisation that facilitates and enables transformation for women and children.

We work with vulnerable women in remote communities and facilitate the process of empowering them. We hold the vision of all women being able to lead and guide with their own innate wisdom and knowledge to build capital, purpose and strength into their communities. This is the process of enabling. This is Yantree and our work under the Voice for Change Foundation.

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