Find Your Voice

We support women facing challenges in life, disconnection, adversity, stress or anxiety to find their voice and to connect to their purpose and power. The Yantree model of change has a blended philosophy grounded in spiritual practices and psychology. We believe that change takes courage; let us take your hand and guide your journey of awakening and transformation.


Hope and Healing

Our mission is to guide you on a journey to find your voice, assist you to discover your own powers of transformation and to transform that which no longer serves you and to empower you to be the narrator of your own story.

We know what it feels like to:

You have the power to change your story to one that is more meaningful and aligned with who you are, our role is to help you enable your dreams.


Retreats and Workshops

Yantree runs transformational retreats and workshops, where you will be facilitated to find your passion, embrace your purpose and embody your power.

You will learn how to navigate stress and anxiety; create lasting calm, happiness and harmony whilst taking home a blueprint for a life more rewarding and fulfilling. You will discover how to use your voice, to align with your purpose and to stand strong in your inner power.

Voice for Change Foundation

The Voice for Change Foundation is a non-profit organisation that facilitates and enables transformation for women and children.

We work with vulnerable women in remote communities and facilitate the process of empowering them. We hold the vision of all women being able to lead and guide with their own innate wisdom and knowledge to build capital, purpose and strength into their communities. This is the process of enabling. This is Yantree and our work under the Voice for Change Foundation.

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